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Rubber seals

Rubber is used in watertight doors, watertight hatches, manholes and handholes. The rubber profile or the rubber gasket has an important function here because it ensures a liquid-proof or gas-proof sealing and counteracts vibrations and noise. Rubber profiles and rubber gaskets are available in many shapes and sizes: Rubber profiles are supplied by the roll or by the metre.

More information

More information about rubber seals

The core of a rubber profile is usually made of solid rubber or sponge rubber.
Sponge rubber is also known as moss rubber.
The advantages of using sponge rubber are that there is little or no permanent pressure deformation and the closed skin (in contrast to the open skin in cellular rubber).

Rubber profiles are made of EPDM, which has the following properties:

  • EPDM is known for its high elasticity.
  • EPDM is weather-resistant and water-resistant. It is resistant to sunlight, ozone and UV radiation.
  • EPDM has good ageing properties.
  • EPDM is not only very resistant to water, but also to solvents and diluted acids and lyes.
  • EPDM is less resistant to mineral oils and greases.

We supply rubber seals in 5 types (see images below).

EPDM solid rubber gasket 30/40° Shore A

This rubber profile with chamber is used for doors and hatches.


EPDM solid rubber gasket with ribbed profile 30° Shore A

This rubber profile with chamber is used for doors and hatches.


EPDM hatch gasket MacGregor 50° Shore A

The MacGregor hatch gasket has a sponge rubber core with a solid rubber edge.
So, this profile is very strong and yet easy to press. It is often used as a seal for heavy ship doors and hatches.


EPDM sponge rubber gasket 15/25° Shore A

This rubber profile is used for various applications and is available in many dimensions.


Neoprene Cellular Rubber (self-adhesive)

This profile is suitable for sticking into hatches (light applications).

We can also supply rubber gaskets for manholes. These are standard in the complete sets of manholes but are also available separately.
See the pictures below for the two different types:

Manhole rubber gasket: flat type

Manhole rubber gasket:
flat type

Manhole rubber gasket: cord type

Manhole rubber gasket:
cord type